We got 56.050 roubles for Ilya’s  treatment in November 2012,
and we need 93.950 roubles more.
     Ilya is my only one son. He will be 5-years –old soon. Ilya was born on 34th week of pregnancy with the help of cesarean section. He had lack of oxygen during the delivery, which caused death of partial brain cells. Doctors said that he is small, because he was born earlier, and that he will definitely catch up later with other kids. Time passed, and Ilya still didn’t catch up with other kids. He was 1year 8 months-old, when he was diagnosed with infantile cerebral paralysis, spastic diplegia, left-side hemiparesis.
     For almost 5 years we went through a lot of types of rehabilitation, starting from expensive massages and acupuncture, to injecting Botulinustoxin in his muscles. All of these efforts gave us insignificant results, but muscles spasticity was invariably coming back.
     In January, 2012 I came across Nadezhda Loskutova’s site of method of myophascial influence. In the base of this method is methods of Old Russian folk medicine.
BFM – this is contact, soft hand influence with the certain rhythm and of different profoundness upon body. In the base of this method is to restore and harmonize inner life necessary breathing rhythms ( including on a cells level too), to restore full available amplitude of micromotions and macromotions.
     Nadezhda Loskutova’s Clinic is located in Moscow, and me and Ilya have been there twice already. In addition, all the moms are being taught, how to work with your child. For half of the year with a lot of work and efforts Ilya got some results: he started to move better, he could go up and down the stairs, jump on both feet and even hum songs. But his body is growing so fast, and muscles’ development fall behind his bones’ development. That’s why we need to go to Loskutova’s Clinic in Moscow at least twice a year.
     The cost of the trip to Moscow is 150,000 roubles every half of the year.
If you want to help, you can send money order to this address: Anna Grashchenko,   Russia, Miass, Chelyabinsk Region (Oblast)
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